How does a woven RFID wristband work?

How does a woven RFID wristband work?

How does a woven RFID wristband work?

How does a woven RFID wristband work?

Jun 17, 2020

What constitutes an RFID wristband?
The woven RFID wristband contains a "smart tag", which consists of an RFID chip and antenna and different substrates. It can be in the form of a small PVC smart card, or you can hide or embed other wristband materials, such as RFID silicone bracelets, RFID cloth wristbands, and RFID leather wristbands.

Passive RFID tag wristband: Passive RFID tags use the energy transmitted by the reader to obtain energy, and there is no built-in battery. Active RFID tags: Active RFID tags have a battery that can periodically transmit information and do not require a reader. Battery-assisted RFID tag: This RFID tag contains a battery that only powers the tag when the tag is close to the reader.

How much data can the RFID wristband store?
The types of data stored on RFID tags include identity verification, points of purchase, coupons, access control to hotels or VIP areas, and even social media information. The largest passive RFID tag can store 3720 bytes or 3.72 kilobytes of information. This is enough to store personal data, such as someone's name, address, credit card authorization, and identification information. UHF tags can store 8 KB of information. For access control systems, RFID tags usually do not exceed 3 kb.

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What data can the RFID wristband collect?
With the help of RFID technology, organizers can analyze in real time how the wearer interacts with and interacts with your activities, places or attractions. Highlight peak hours, queue time and popular attractions. To help you constantly adjust and adapt to optimize the visitor's experience.

Can RFID wristbands be used as tracking devices?
Most woven RFID wristbands use passive high-frequency tags that can only be used over short distances, so they cannot track the position of the wearer. This is very important and useful information for understanding traffic flow and safety risks in future events.

Improve all aspects of activities, hotels or attractions
RFID technology not only helps to simplify the entry process, it can also connect you and your listeners to another level. Customers no longer need to carry a wallet, tickets and personal information to participate. People wearing RFID wristbands can watch the show freely. Add RFID technology.

Advantages of RFID technology in activities
Due to the security, cost savings and increased revenue advantages of woven RFID wristband technology, many organizers have introduced RFID technology applications to optimize their activities. Since 2011, the live music festival industry has extensively used RFID wristbands at concerts to improve the fan experience, increase security, and explore new sources of revenue.

Is the RFID wristband the same as the barcode wristband?
Although the principle of obtaining data by scanning is the same, RFID and barcode are completely different. Check the table to compare the differences.

Thanks to an improved customer experience and the ability to simplify operations, this frictionless technology is becoming increasingly popular in events, venues and attractions.
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