Outdoor tent selection skills and methods

Outdoor tent selection skills and methods

Outdoor tent selection skills and methods

Outdoor tent selection skills and methods

Jun 25, 2021

When choosing an outdoor tent, there are several points to pay attention to.

1. The purpose of the tent

A. Professional outdoor camping tent: For professional outdoor mountain activities, you must choose a professional outdoor camping tent with double layer, rainproof and good air permeability, and a professional outdoor brand.

B. Recreational tents: For recreational activities such as parks, lakesides, etc., to avoid mosquitoes or light rain, you can choose a cheap single-layer tent, which is usually poor in waterproof and breathable performance, but the price is generally only 50-150 yuan.

Second, the capacity of the tent

A. Single account: The width is about 90cm, which is only used for single person. The advantage is that the weight is very light, but the disadvantage is that it can only be used by one person.

B. 1.5-person account, also called 1-2 person account: the width is about 120cm, most of the time it is used for single person, if necessary, it can also sleep two people. The advantage is that the weight is relatively light, and the scope of application is more than that of single account; When two people sleep, the backpack can only be placed outside the tent. 

C. Double account: The width is about 140cm, it is used for two people most of the time, and the backpack can be put into the tent without being too crowded. The advantage is that two people only need to carry a tent; the disadvantage is that if one person always uses a tent, but always travels with a double account, it will feel heavier.

D. Account for 2-3 people: The width is about 160cm. If a family of three travels at the same time, buying a tent for 2-3 people is the most affordable.

Three, the color of the tent

The tents generally used in snowy mountains are mostly yellow or orange, which looks very professional; however, if most of the time is used for low-altitude mountain crossing activities, the yellow tent is easier to attract small flying insects, so the recommended color It is bright and eye-catching colors such as blue, green, orange and red.

Fourth, the points of attention when purchasing

A. When buying a tent, do not think that the bigger the better. Because it is inconvenient to carry a heavy tent up and down the mountain, it is best to buy a size suitable for the number of people. If there are many people, there should be more than one tent.

B. It is better to choose a dome yurt. The yurt is made of flexible and bendable fiber rods or elastic aluminum alloy rods as the battalion bones. There is no need to use camp ropes. The erection shape is arched, like a yurt, hence the name. This tent can withstand strong winds and is suitable for use in high mountains and bad weather.

C. Double-layer tents are a better choice. The double-layer tent not only solves the problem of water condensation on the inner wall, but also has better wind resistance than a single layer, while the door-top double-layer tent can also solve the problem of storing equipment and shoes.
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