The basic requirements for purchasing an outdoor tent

The basic requirements for purchasing an outdoor tent

The basic requirements for purchasing an outdoor tent

The basic requirements for purchasing an outdoor tent

Jun 25, 2021

Outdoor tents are essential items for outdoor activities, but many people do not know the basic requirements for choosing an outdoor tent.

1. Rugged, durable, weatherproof, small in size, light in material, easy to carry, and easy to install.

2. Nylon material is relatively light and tough. High-quality tents generally use high-density waterproof nylon or tear-resistant nylon.

3. Choose a tent with a dark or silver canopy, which can prevent sunlight and ultraviolet rays from being exposed, and it is easier to fall asleep. For camping in summer, you might as well buy silver ones, which reflect the sun and make the camp cooler.

4. When buying a tent, don't think that the bigger the better. Because it is inconvenient to carry a heavy tent up and down the mountain, it is best to buy a size suitable for the number of people. If there are many people, there should be more than one tent.

5. It is better to choose a dome yurt. The yurt is made of flexible and bendable fiber rods or elastic aluminum alloy rods as the battalion bones. There is no need to use camp ropes. The erection shape is arched, like a yurt, hence the name. This tent can withstand strong winds and is suitable for use in high mountains and bad weather.

6. The double-layer tent not only solves the problem of water condensation on the inner wall, but also has better wind resistance than a single layer. The door-top double-layer tent can also solve the problem of storing equipment and shoes.

7. Be careful to check camp pillars, camp nails, camp ropes, etc. Whether all the accessories and spare parts are available, whether they are original parts.

8. Choose the support material or battalion column to be elastic aluminum alloy rod or high hardness seamless aluminum alloy tube.

9. It is best to buy a two-door tent.
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