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New Carbon Fiber RFID card holder

About this RFID card holder Easy access card: With just one click, you can easily access every card in our wallet. You can hold 1-12 cards at any time. RFID blocking: Breathe easily as your card will be blocked by the body of this wallet, and even the most powerful RFID chip reader can protect them. High quality materials - All Haven Hearst wallets are made of the highest grade materials. Wherever life takes you, be confident in our wallets. Integrated wallet - The wallet allows you to secure several bills to the outside of your wallet in the traditional form of a wallet. The proprietary m

Wooden NFC Cards Advantages

Why buy a wooden NFC card? Simply put, it has multiple advantages in both functionality and aesthetics. Wooden cards have unique natural characteristics that cannot be imitated by ABS, PVC, and metal cards. More sustainable Any entrepreneur or freelancer who needs a business card and wants to be environmentally friendly needs a sustainable NFC card. Although recycling plastic can help reduce plastic waste, processed cards may still be buried. However, wooden cards are different. Wooden NFC cards are made of wood, so they are biodegradable and flammable. If the card is thrown away or lost,

Metal NFC Business Card

Product Name:Nfc business card, Nfc metal business card, personalized Nfc business card smart Nfc card. Material: Metal card: stainless steel NFC label: PVC Size: 85.5 * 54 * 0.8mm or customized Process: Laser, silk screen/color printing. Serial number, QR code, writing data, etc Thickness:0.8mm or customized Frequency:13.56Mhz high-frequency NFC chip. If you need other chips, please contact the supplier Reading distance: 1-3cm, depending on card chip and RFID reader MOQ: Minimum quantity of 50 pieces, discounted price for large quantities Our company can make the following cards:

China manufacturer of high quality RFID Blocking Cards with low cost

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking cards are designed to protect credit cards, debit cards, and other types of payment cards that use RFID technology from being read by unauthorized devices. The market for RFID blocking cards is primarily driven by consumer concerns about identity theft and fraud. RFID blocking cards since they ar

NFC technical knowledge: NFC architecture and related standards

NFC technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID). The transmission range of RFID can reach several meters, even tens of meters, and can only achieve information reading and judgment. NFC technology emphasizes information interaction. Near field communication operates at 13.56 MHz and within 20 cm, with transmission speeds of 106 Kbit/s, 212 Kbit/s or 424 Kbit/s. The NFC Forum defines three operation modes (PDF): P2P mode: supports mutual communication between two near-field communication devices to realize information exchange and file sharing. Reader/writer mod

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